Boy gets 7 stiches after falling off a bicycle – 8 days later, he loses his life in hospital

Falling off a bicycle is quite normal for children. A bruise, a scratch, and maybe a few tears are usually the result of these falls. However, that was not what happened to Liam, an 8-year-old. The wound he did during this normal activity made the boy lose his life!

Sara Hebard, the child’s mother, was at the family farm when her son decided to ride a bicycle on the road. Suddenly he fell and ended with a deep cut in his thigh. Worried, the woman took Liam to the hospital. “It was not a big problem, it was not bad, he just needed a few stitches, that’s all,” Sara said.

Facebook – Sara Hebard

After being treated at the hospital, Liam returned to being the cheerful, extroverted child he was. A few days after the accident, Liam started complaining of intense pain in the area of ​​the injury. The stepfather, Scott Hinkle, decided to take a look. “It was purple-red and looked gangrenous,” Hinkle said.

After seeing the wound, the parents rushed to the emergency room. There, doctors diagnosed Liam with a meat-eating bacteria called Necrotizing Fasciitis. The boy was immediately undergoing surgery at St. Anthony’s Hospital in Pendleton to remove the infected tissue.

Thereafter, Liam was transported to the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland, where doctors continued to struggle for the young man’s life. As the bacteria spread, Liam underwent several surgeries to amputate the infected tissues.

Facebook – Sara Hebard

“Almost all of his right side was gone,” said his mother, Sara. “They kept cutting and waiting, cutting and waiting.” Despite this, Liam remained optimistic and warlike. He even told his mother that he would be okay … besides, he would talk to his school friends over the internet, who gave him a lot of support.

Unfortunately, Liam did not resist the bacteria. Sara was shocked at how quickly everything happened. “He was a lovely boy. He never had a bad word to say,” Mother recalls.

Now the woman wants everyone to know about the dangers of the bacteria her son has faced. Share this story so all parents can be alert!

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