Extremely skinny dog is found abandoned inside a cage

When we see stories of animals treated cruelly by those who should give them care, respect and affection, but also freedom and food, our soul hangs by a thread. We tend to feel discouraged, but the good news is that there are hundreds of organizations that fight tooth and nail for their well-being.

A disturbing situation was reported to volunteer members of Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control in Indiana, USA. A dog was confined in a small cage, deprived of food and water for a long time.

According to the authorities, an investigation is underway to find out the whereabouts of the person or persons responsible for such a cruel act.

Although they managed to rescue him, the state of extreme malnutrition made the rescuers’ hair stand on end.

The puppy was simply in the bones.

He was so weak he couldn’t even take a step. The condition of his bones was worrisome and frightening to the heart. Therefore, the Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control team took over the care of the animal.

“When we found him, he was motionless. I don’t know how long he must have been hungry and thirsty. But it sure was an eternity for the puppy. We will not rest until we know who they were or who was to blame,” rescuers said.

It has not yet been determined with certainty to which breed the poor, helpless puppy belongs. It appears to be a male Beagle or a mongrel Brittany Spaniel. According to the veterinarians, he would be about a year old.

At the same time, investigations are continuing to obtain more information about the person responsible for the dog, and to initiate the corresponding legal proceedings.

“The puppy has made satisfactory progress. We only hope that they find his abductor, that he is punished, and that events like this don’t keep recurring,” they added

And, the truth is, we also hope to finally find someone who had the misfortune to keep this poor puppy in such a deplorable state, without food, water, or the will to live. Fortunately, he is recovering to be welcomed into a real home and finally live.

It’s a shame to have to go through this kind of situation every day, but the only way to change the landscape is to know how to confront so many injustices. Let’s raise our voices together by sharing stories like these, the world should know them.

Source: Zoorprendente


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