Exhausted father cradles blanket thinking it was his newborn son

Newborns are hard work, and it’s normal for parents to be exhausted during the early days. Waking up several times during the night to give milk, change diapers, pay attention to baby, all this routine can be tiring. The proof of this is this funny moment, in which a father began to carefully cradle a blanket thinking that it was the son.

Cradles blanket thinking it was his son

The fun scene was picked up by the man’s wife who appears in the video. She had the newborn on her lap, and noticed that her husband was cradling an empty blanket. Without hesitation, she grabbed her cell phone and began to record the exhausted father. She taped the moment so they could both laugh at it later.

The drowsy father still spent a few minutes holding the invisible baby with great affection. Meanwhile, the woman was filming, holding on to the real boy. Who has children will relate to this video… the exhaustion of caring for a child can cause us to do very funny things.

See the exhausted dad in the clip below.

Poor man, at least he was cradling the blanket with care, despite all the weariness. Have you ever had a similar situation when you had children? Share your experiences with us in the comments!

Source: Tá Bonito


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