The bad excuse invoked to abandon his old dog in the shelter: “She does nothing now”

Recently, at the Los Angeles Animal Services, an unfortunate episode took place. A dog named Canela had grown too old, according to the words of his human. The man adopted the dog 13 years ago, in the same shelter. However, he was now back to abandon her.

“She doesn’t do anything now,” he told the shelter team. Canela was obviously stressed, as if she knew that in a few minutes she would be far from her beloved human. A heart-breaking scene…

Fortunately, Canela was soon helped by Leave No Paws Behind, an organization that rescues sick or elderly dogs. Whatever time you have left on this planet, Canela has already found a new family that will bring her many joys.

Man abandons his dog in the shelter

Check out the bleak moment in the video below:

Fortunately, everything went well for the loving dog… However, her fate could have been quite different. Share this story if you are against the abandonment of animals!

Source: Incroyable


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