Everyone was warned not to touch this cat, but one man didn’t listen

According to one man, “Everyone in the apartment complex I lived in knew who Ugly was. Ugly loved three things in the world: fighting, eating and love.”

The combination of these things with a past life on the streets had its effect on Ugly. To begin with, he had only one eye and the other was a hole. He also didn’t have the ear on the same side and his left paw seemed to have been broken sometime.


His tail was missing, leaving a tiny stump that he constantly pushed and twisted.

Ugly was always rejected

The feline was also covered with wounds, disguising his tabby skin. Every time someone saw Ugly, there was the same reaction: “This is an ugly cat!” All the children were warned not to touch him. The adults threw stones or tried to use a hose to push him away.


Ugly always had the same answer. He would stand there… He wouldn’t move until the cruel stranger gave up on the hose and stones and left him alone. If you threw things at him, he would even roll at your feet, showing forgiveness.

Whenever Ugly saw children, he would bump his head against their hands to be pet.

One day, Ugly shared his love with the neighbor’s Huskies. They didn’t respond kindly and he was mistreated.

“From my apartment, I could hear his screams and I rushed to his aid.When I got there he was lying there, obvious his poor life was coming to an end. I took him home, afraid that my touch would hurt him. I could hear him gasping and struggling.”

Even with so much pain, covered in wounds, the battle-scarred cat was only asking for one thing: a little affection. At that moment, the man thought that Ugly was the most beautiful and loving creature he had ever seen.

The cat did not resist

“Ugly just looked at me, trusting me to relieve his pain.Ugly died in my arms before I could bring him in. I sat there and held him for a long time, thinking how a little stray could change my opinion about what it means to have pureness of spirit. To love totally and fully.


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Source: I Love My Dog


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