Every day 5 dogs wait anxiously and happily for their best friend, the postman

Most believe that dogs and postal workers are natural enemies. However, there is evidence that this is not always the case.

Many of the puppies your home may seem like fierce guardians, but the truth is that they become the most affectionate in the world and do nothing but ask to pamper everyone who crosses their path.

“They are very handsome. No one could resist them.”

Aaron Hernandez and his family have five handsome farmers, four are yellow and the other has black fur. Seeing five dogs this big can be a little intimidating, but they are the sweetest pack.

If anyone has been able to verify this, it is the man who takes the mail to the Hernández family every day.

“Their tails don’t stop moving. They really love it. “

Aaron realized this when he was checking security cameras at his home and was surprised to see that his puppies had a very faithful friend.

Every time the man enters Hernandez’s house, he cannot stop for a few seconds to greet the handsome farmers.

“There is a new person in charge of delivering mail in our neighborhood. I realized this and it is something that deserves to be shared with the world.”

The postman gets out of the car and spoils everyone. When you see it a few steps away, the puppies start to get excited and move their tail without stopping.

They push gently and everyone seeks to become the center of attention of the legal man. In the images, you can see how happy the man is to dedicate a few seconds to these puppies.

“It is something he does even on rainy days.”

It seems that they don’t look for him to give everyone the love and affection they deserve. After a while, the man returns to the car and continues his work.

It is a very simple and spontaneous act of love. It is impossible not to have a big smile from ear to ear when watching the video.

“Even when we aren’t home to show our dogs love we can always depend on the mailman to give it to them even on rain days now this is love“.

Aaron announced what happened through his Twitter account and everyone was delighted with this beautiful anecdote. After all, there is nothing like seeing five furry ones happy when greeting a faithful friend.

It is worth making known the delicate moment that these puppies share every day with the mail manager, share it.

Source: Zoorprendente


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