Eva Longoria’s dog dies in her arms days before the actress gives birth

The actress Eva Longoria shared with her followers on the Instagram the painful loss she had to face in the last days of pregnancy. Her puppy, Jinxy, died in her arms, after spending a very difficult night at the vet.

Instagram – evalongoria
The pup died of a heart attack

Longoria was seen at various times accompanied by her dogs, including important photo shoots. The actress says that her heart is broken by the death of Jinxy, with whom she felt a wonderful connection. “He was my baby, before that baby in my belly that is about to be born.”

Instagram – evalongoria

The actress who achieved international fame, thanks to her role in Desperate Housewives, did not abandon her puppy in his last moments. Longoria held him in her arms!

In the post published by the actress, she dedicated some beautiful words and shared photos of unforgettable moments, throughout 15 years. “Jinxy died in my arms while we were at the vet. He filled my days with lots of love and laughter.”

Instagram – evalongoria

This was a very difficult time for the actress. However, Eva also accompanies her husband in the task of taking care of three children from an earlier marriage.

Instagram – evalongoria

Both her advanced state of pregnancy and her terrible loss have made these last days very difficult: “It hurts, I can only do one thing a day, I’m very tired.”

Instagram – evalongoria

Eva Longoria was undoubtedly a loving mother to this puppy and did not leave him for a single moment. Share this emotional story with your friends and family!

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