15-year-old girl is disfigured by girl that were envious of her beauty

The greatest allure a person can have is their personality. Unfortunately, some young women don’t feel good about their bodies because of the beauty standards imposed by magazines and social media. But the case that we are going to speak is extreme… two horrible sisters disfigured a 15-year-old teenager because they were envious of her beauty. No doubt a despicable act because of something so futile!

The case happend in 2014, but Julie Alvarez was never the same after being victim of the violent attack. The beautiful girl was scarred, and that was exactly what the teens who attacked her wanted.

Daily Mail

The young women, aged between 16 and 18, attacked Alvarez because everyone thought she was very beautiful. So they wanted the beautiful teen to look like Chucky, famous for his facial scars.

Daily Mail

Alvarez was returning home peacefully when everything happened. Out of nowhere, the two young women began to beat her up and then used knives to disfigure her. When she was found, the girl was in a pool of blood… all because 2 sisters that were envious of her beauty.

Daily Mail

“Everybody says you’re beautiful, but you won’t be so beautiful when I’m done. People will call you Chucky,” that’s what the two girls told the victim during the attack. It was a passerby who found Alvarez and alerted the paramedics.

Daily Mail

Alvarez needed more than 20 stitches only on her back, and many more in her face. The two young women who attacked Alvarez were arrested, but were delighted to have disfigured her colleague. After the attack, the teenager confessed that she has had suicidal impulses since the crime she was subjected to…

Envy is really a terrible feeling, it consumes people and fills them with anger. Share to send force to this young woman, who needs a lot of support to recover psychologically… you are and always will be beautiful!

Source: Vamos Lá Portugal


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