Entrepreneur uses his plane to rescue animals after the closure of his company during the pandemic

This year was quite dark for many. But, far from keeping to talk about all the negative things, it’s worth highlighting the courage and commitment of some people who, even in difficult times, dedicate their lives to the protection and care of others.

For example, just meet Eduard Seitan, an entrepreneur from Chicago, the United States, who uses his resources to rescue animals.

Eduard is co-owner of twelve restaurants in Chicago but, because of the pandemic, they had to close their doors for a while.

After having to close his business for a while, Seitan realized that if humans were bad, homeless animals were much worse. The man took his 1966 Piper Cherokee and committed himself to a foundation that connects pilots committed to the rescue of dogs and cats in danger.

The Pilot N Paws foundation uses aircraft to do good.

The volunteers of this foundation travel all over the country saving animals in danger. But there are many people who can help in these unique rescues. So Eduard felt the commitment to use his plane and his skills to join this noble cause.

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, due to the extra time I have, I have flown more than usual. But now, I fly only for the purpose of Pilots N Paws”, said Eduard.

This man has discovered his true mission in the world. To this day he has served in the rescue and transfer of 40 animals.

No matter where these creatures are found, the Pilots N Paws people will do whatever it takes to rescue them.

Pilots N Paws volunteers are usually responsible for transporting dogs and cats at risk of being sacrificed.

All the animals travel safely in their kennels.

With almost 4 years of foundation, the year 2020 allowed the busy entrepreneur to truly commit to the cause. Although not all rescues are easy.

“Sometimes dogs get scared when we meet them for the first time on land. Therefore, we take the opportunity to walk with them and relieve their nervousness before going up. But until now, each one of them seemed very happy to be on the plane”, said Seitan.

The most recent rescue he participated in was when he managed to rescue Frank and Hero. Two mistreated dogs.

These guys now have a chance to be happy.

Frank was left by his family in the middle of nowhere, while Hero had terrible burns on his body.

Eduard’s collaboration gave them another chance.

In both cases, the pilot’s indignation has reached its limit. But every time he knows more stories like these, he becomes more convinced of the necessity of his noble new mission.

Before, Eduard was a New Yorker more bogged down in work responsibilities and day-to-day difficulties, but now the pandemic has given him the necessary truce to see everything that happens around him.

His commitment to the foundation is growing and he likes it.

Currently, New York City has more flexible measures regarding confinement and Eduard’s restaurants have opened their doors. But this man has learned to delegate and remains in the clouds fulfilling the rescue of those who can no longer wait: the mistreated animals.

Source: Zoorprendente


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