Dad tells Husky to enter his kennel – the dog uses English to talk back

We all know how bad it is when our children learn to talk and begin to counteract our decisions… But does it happen the same with our four-legged friends? Of course yes! And the images below are the proof of that.

Brian, a handsome blue-eyed Siberian Husky, is repeatedly asked to “get into his house.” However, the dog does not feel like retiring to his little house. So he responds with a clear “No”! His answer is very clear and Brian seems to have a complete vocabulary to express himself.


Known for being one of the most expressive breeds in the canine world, Siberian Huskies undoubtedly developed their voices by pulling sleds through the cold climates of the northern hemisphere. And Brian, the talking puppy, has already touched millions of people all over the world!


Despite the efforts of his human, the dog doesn’t move. The sofa is very comfortable and going to the kennel is out of the question! Check out the unusual moment in the clip below:

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Source: I Love My Dog


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