End-stage woman discovers she no longer has cancer two weeks before Christmas

A terminally ill woman with breast cancer, who wasn’t given more than 4 years of life, discovered that she was cured two weeks before Christmas! It all happened because of an innovative and experimental treatment that turned out to have incredible effects.

Heidi Loughlin, a 35-year-old mother, discovered that she was ill in September 2015. Doctors gave her the most devastating news of all time when she was told she wouldn’t live for more than 4 years. In addition, his condition seemed to be getting worse and worse.

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However, the woman began taking an innovative drug in the hope that she could extend her stay in this world. Heidi didn’t know how much time she had left, however two weeks before Christmas, the medical tests revealed something incredible: she had no more traces of the disease in her body!

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It all indicates that it was the revolutionary remedy she took that cured her from breast cancer. The drug is called Kadcyla, already approved by the government, and is prescribed to women suffering from very aggressive types of breast cancer.

Usually all Kadcyla does is give an additional 9 months of life to the patients. But Heidi’s results went beyond all expectations. Her mother knew she was ill in 2015. By then she was pregnant with her first child.

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The woman noticed a rash on her chest and that was when the doctor diagnosed her with a very aggressive type of breast cancer. Heidi could be operated on, but she didn’t want to abort the fetus for 3 months. So she decided to go forward with the pregnancy.

The baby was born premature for 12 weeks and Heidi started doing chemotherapy right away.

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Fortunately, Heidi is now fully healed and can see her two children grow up. No doubt she’s a very brave woman by putting of her son in the first place. Now both are safe and sound…

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No doubt the effect of the drug is incredible, but even more incredible is that it all happened in the Christmas season. You think it was a Christmas miracle? Share your opinion with us in the comments!

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