Woman denies seat to mother and daughter on the subway because the’re emigrants

There are numerous activist groups that make great efforts to avoid racism. Despite this, there is still a long way to go. Some people still do not understand that society belongs to all of us, and that all humans deserve respect equally. An example of this is the old monster that we will show next. The woman wanted to ban a mother and her 5-year-old daughter from sitting on the subway, because they were emigrants.

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Racist elderly discriminates emigrants on the subway

Iram Martinez, a photojournalist, was on the same subway and decided to record the shocking scene. The elderly woman, of Spanish origin, insinuated that the emigrants, a mother and a child, had no right to sit down. This because, according to her, they receive benefits at the expense of the Spaniards, to which not even the locals are entitled to.

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“Shame on you. You don’t have the right to be here. Only Spaniards can sit. We pay everything to those who come here…” These were some of the words of the racist woman, who managed to unleash the wrath of all those who witnessed the scene.

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People defend mother and daughter

Immediately, many people ordered the old woman to shut up, especially a woman dressed in black: “No, shame on you. Racist… I hope that, if your family has to travel outside, they don’t find anyone like you there.”

Later, the racist lady said that there were many people who were quiet because they probably thought like her. At that point, Martinez replied, “I’m quiet because I’m ashamed of what you’re saying.”

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Later, the photojournalist reflected on Facebook: “How is it possible to think that one person is better than another because of the place where they were born or by the color of their skin? What I would like to highlight from the video is the reaction of people to the racist attack.” Many people said she had no right to treat the mother and little girl like that, but nothing seemed to change her mind.

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Watch the video of the incident below:

We hope that this incident will raise the alarms of a worrying reality. There are still many people who discriminate against others by their country of origin, race, culture or skin color. There is still much to be done against racism.

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