22-year-old woman loses her life because emergency services didn’t take her seriously

A 22-year-old woman lost her life a few hours after contacting emergency services due to a stomach ache. The two operators she talked to mocked her instead of sending an ambulance to help her. Now, an investigation will be opened to investigate the two officials.

On December 29, a young mother named Naomi contacted the emergency services to complain about the stomach aches she was feeling. The two callers didn’t take the symptoms seriously, and simply told her to get in touch with her family doctor.

Young woman loses her life after 5 hours without help

Naomi took 5 hours to get help. She was transported by an ambulance and, when she arrived at the hospital, she got worse quickly. At 17h30, the young woman lost her life after suffering two cardiac arrest. After the tragedy, the call between Naomi and the two operators was made public on the internet. When the call was released, the hospital decided to open an investigation to punish the staff.


In the recording, we can hear operators laughing and commenting on the symptoms reported by the young mother. When Naomi tries to explain to operators that she has severe pain and was afraid of losing her life, an operator replied, “If you don’t tell me what’s happening, I’ll turn off. Call a doctor.”

Woman knew the problem was serious

Naomi said she couldn’t take it much longer, and an operator mocked her. According to the autopsy report, the girl lost her life due to multiple organ failure. Naomi’s family requested that an investigation to be conducted. She would probably be alive if it were not for these incompetent employees.

Here is an excerpt from the email sent to the Strasbourg Public Prosecutor’s Office: “She was alone, she said she was going to lose her life, her sheets were dirty, a person shouldn’t die under these conditions! Being human, she imply had the right to be rescued, to be cared for, it should not happen again.”

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Source: Ayoye


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