Elephant sanctuary houses over 400 rescued dogs, including 32 disabled dogs

All over the world, there are many animals that are subjected to inappropriate practices that go against their nature. Fortunately, there are wonderful places where angels work to help these helpless beings.

Elephant Nature Park in Thailand is one of those places where the love of volunteers works miracles in the life of animals, this center is home to many rescued elephants who arrive at the shelter after having lived very traumatic experiences.

In front of most eyes, Elephant Natura Park is home to elephants alone, however, it also houses more than 400 dogs that have been happily rescued, including 32 puppies who are very special.

These 32 special dogs have lost the use of some of their paws due to an accident, illness, abuse or neglect.

Most likely, they would not have survived had they not been rescued by the volunteer team of the Save Elephant Foundation, which is funded and managed by the sanctuary.

The rescue changed the lives of these animals, who lived in the streets, ignored and suffering desolation, hunger, thirst and hardships with a very dark destiny.

Perhaps some of them would have been on a list of those who put them to sleep forever because they don’t have a home.

Fortunately, his life changed forever. Now they have a happy life, full of care and love.

All are attended with love by the volunteers of the foundation and the sanctuary.

To think that the work that these animal-loving people do is an easy job would be a mistake, they are hours of dedication and dedication to these beings that have been marked by sad experiences.

It’s really hard and exhausting work, but that by the force of love is possible day after day, until the recovery of these animals and see them completely healthy and happy.

Despite the fact that these adorable dogs cannot use any of their legs, the staff worries that they go out for a walk every day.

These disabled hairy friends are happy when they get in the wheelchairs.

“They are happy puppies and they love being with people”, reveals a Save Elephant Foundation volunteer.

As soon as they get on, they just expect to go out and take a walk, they also receive visits from other volunteers to play with them.

This great work carried out by the shelter and foundation staff is possible thanks to the unconditional love of the volunteers and the generosity of those who donate to the center.

These dogs have the opportunity to live, run and play again thanks to the love of these angels. Share this emotional story!

Source: Zoorprendente


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