Elderly man sells brooms on the street with the puppy he adopted and cares for him like a baby

There are people for whom age is no obstacle and until the last moment, they prove to be loyal and responsible. Just like the protagonist of this story that moves everyone on social networks.

It’s about Don Cirilo, a rather humble old man who despite his financial problems doesn’t stop working, much less taking care of his beautiful pet.

Don Cirilo and Chuiquito are now closer than ever.

This grandfather from Ciudad Victoria in Tamaulipas, Mexico rescued the furry boy from a difficult life on the street. The puppy was malnourished, with skin lesions caused by the sun and lack of hygiene, and had parasitic problems, but this was no problem for Don Cirilo.

The old man was moved by the puppy’s plight and decided to make him his companion, since then the couple has been together.

The dog accompanies Dom Cirilo everywhere, even in the most difficult days of work.

At his age, this man is not afraid of long hours and currently works as a street vendor. Don Cirilo and Chiquito walk the streets of La Victoria selling brooms and cotton swabs on a daily basis, and with the little they can do on a daily basis, they support themselves.

The puppy has become one more reason for the grandfather to have the courage to get up every day and protect him like a son. In fact, Don Cirilo carries the puppy in a well-padded bag so that the puppy does not feel overwhelmed.

The dog travels like a baby in his basket.

The furry boy plays comfortably in the basket while his father carries him slowly around town. Chiquito is a curious dog, so every now and then he lifts his head to explore what’s going on outside the basket or one of his paws stretches out.

This moving story of loyalty and commitment made it to social media after a member of the local Adopt FundaDog foundation met Don Cyril on the street and decided to tell the story on social media.

This man’s love for his pet touched them.

It wasn’t enough for the publication to go viral and some residents have already begun to recognize Dom Cirilo in the streets.

“Yesterday I met him on the minibus, the puppy is very well taken care of and is very naughty, he is beautiful.

I also see him very often on the side street of the General Hospital sitting on the sidewalk with his little dog. He treats him with a lot of love“, explains internet user Martha Cruz.

While some put their pets aside even though they have all the resources to support them comfortably, this humble grandfather is not afraid to work harder to keep his furry one well.

Chiquito did not find a human millionaire, but in the arms of Don Cirillo he found the most loving father that life could have given him. We hope that this grandfather will remain so healthy and lucid for many more years so that he can enjoy more adventurous days with his beautiful puppy.

Chiquito couldn’t find a better owner, he tells his beautiful story so that others can learn to be equally responsible with their pets.

Source: Zoorprendente


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