Elderly man goes every day to an abandoned house to feed kitten

The elderly, like abandoned animals, unfortunately often become the most vulnerable and forgotten beings in society. They often have to resign themselves to a life alone, waiting for their cycle to be completed in this world. In the meantime, they try to survive as best they can.

However, sometimes we meet grandparents, who within their physical limitations, their illness, and their poverty, never leave aside their more sensitive and humanitarian side, especially with the needy.

An old man was caught starring in the most touching gesture.

It’s a viral video that soon dominated all social networks, especially TikTok, reaching millions of views.

The events took place in the Canary Islands in Spain. And the protagonist is a poor old man who can barely walk, but this is no obstacle to visiting a kitten living in an abandoned house to feed her.

Since the man learned of the plight of the abandoned animal, he could not help but be moved, and did not hesitate to intervene within his limited possibilities.

Judging from the scenes, the kitten has nothing in this world and no one to make sure his empty belly is filled. So Grandpa, although it is very hard for him to walk, comes from afar to do something to soothe his hunger and loneliness.

She knows that if she leaves her alone, she might starve to death.

In the scenes, you can see how the grandfather slowly walks with the help of a cane, to a gate. That is when his black furry best friend comes out. The little girl waits for this moment.

The old man puts some croquettes for the kitten in a kind of plastic container, which the kitten gratefully receives.

The old man makes a great effort to stoop down to deposit water and food for his friend, it breaks his soul!

Witnesses claim to see the man arrive every morning at the abandoned house where his faithful friend is waiting for him. It hurts too much to know that neither of them has a shoulder to cry on, and that will be the only time of the day when the old man and the pet will share their sad situation of abandonment.

Before he finishes the job, the man puts out other jars of water so that the kitten has enough and doesn’t dehydrate.

This is the video that cries so much among Internet users:

Of course, it doesn’t take a lot of money to do something for the most helpless. Sometimes those who give the most are those who have the least, and often they are anonymous heroes.

The man slowly walks away after the greatest act of love.

We hope that this video really reaches the right people and that they can give the old man a hand and also manage to change the life of this little street.

Don’t leave without sharing these scenes to inspire others to help. You can do so much with so little!

Source: Zoorprendente


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