Elderly dogs are abandoned together in a shelter because they “got too old”, but fortunately they were adopted

Snowball, a blind Chihuahua, always had the love and companionship of Bella the brown-coated dog. Bella not only took care of Snowball’s needs but also loved her owner very dearly. But when the 2 dogs got “too old”, their owner simply dumped them at a high kill shelter without much thought.

Bella and Snowball had a tough time adjusting to their new life at the shelter. They wanted to go home, and were sure that their owner would come back for them. But soon, they realized that they had been abandoned forever. The poor dogs hugged and consoled each other tearfully as they processed the betrayal together.

As the shelter was a high-kill one, senior dogs like Bella and Snowball are often the first ones to be put down. When one family heard about the plight of the 2 dogs, they immediately decided to adopt the bonded pair together!

In this video, we see Snowball and Bella waiting for their end in misery when the shelter workers take both of them away. While the dogs are confused at first and anxious at being separated from each other, they soon understand that they will be going to their new home together! The senior pooches celebrate adorably as they sit in their new crates and get ready to grab their second chance at life. What a happy ending!

Click the video below to watch the exciting journey of Snowball and Bella adoption day!

Source: I Love My Dog


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