Elderly dog that couldn’t walk is saved days before being sacrificed

Doc is a beautiful German shepherd who was surrendered to a shelter when he was 10 years old. He was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy and his family was unable to pay his medical bills.

Being of advanced age and a delicate health situation, the prospects seemed devastating for this poor puppy. All the veterinarians claimed that the only option was to euthanize him.

Fortunately, Doc found a partner willing to give him lots of love. A woman named McKenzie took him home.

She wanted to make sure she gave him the happiest last days of his life. But she grew to love him so much that she wasn’t ready to say goodbye.

A veterinarian called McKenzie and his fiancé to confirm the euthanasia date. With their hearts for a while, they decided to take him to the park so he could play with other furries for the last time. What happened was a true miracle.

McKenzie’s fiancĂ© tried to help him with a bandage to give him more stability in his hips and give him more peace of mind when playing. To everyone’s surprise, Doc started running and moving around as if he didn’t have myelopathy.

McKenzie realized that there was still hope for the beautiful puppy and decided to cancel the vet appointment.

He sought out new specialists and began to try everything, even against the worst odds.

“And to think that two different owners gave him up and were ready to put him down. Look at him now: he has the heart of a happy puppy”, said McKenzie.

His enormous efforts had paid off. Doc could walk more and more easily. There are times when you don’t even need the blindfold to jump and play like any other puppy.

“Many see it and do not recognize it. He has grown up and has a new glow”, said McKenzie.

His health condition is still delicate, but with the help of some specialized halters he has been getting more and more strength in his hips. The puppy left everyone speechless and showed that he really wanted to continue enjoying life.

“I want the vet who suggested euthanasia to therefore see how happy and strong Doc is”, said McKenzie.


Everyone believed that Doc was a hopeless case, but with a little love and perseverance, this little dog showed that he was not willing to give up. It is a relief to know that the beautiful German shepherd has found the perfect family for him and will be able to enjoy a life of adventures for a few more years.

Doc’s case is a true inspiration to remind us to keep fighting even against the worst prognosis.

Fonte: Zoorprendente


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