Elderly dog lived a life of cruelty, fortunately a kind person saved him

When a dog becomes elderly, he also has the right to have a relaxing and happy life. But that was not the case with Felix. This old dog has survived a life of cruelty. Fortunately, a kind person intervened and saved his life.

Felix had survived a horrible attack. He was strangled and stabbed. He was then beaten. His ears suffered from infection and he had a concussion. He also had a broken coccyx and all four legs were fractured. What kind of monster could do this to an innocent dog?

Rescuers were not as concerned about taking the culprit as about saving Felix. They spent all their energy and resources on Felix because, in that part of the world, animal cruelty is not against the law. We hope, of course, that this will change.

Felix was transported to the medical center. The vet treated his wounds and then drew blood. He tested positive for heartworm disease. He was also severely anemic from malnutrition and blood loss.

The results of his tests proved what rescuers suspected – he had spent a lifetime of neglect, cruelty, and abuse. But now, this dog’s life was going to change. This horrible existence was now forever in the past.

As the rescuer said: Felix rose from the ashes. He was never loved before, but now he has all the love he always wanted.

Felix is still being treated for heartworm disease and his injuries still need time to heal, but he is really living his best life. He is brave and strong and is inspiring others around him every day. One of his first responders decided to adopt him. He now has an eternal home, where he will live his days in safety, care, and love.

Watch the full story in the video below:

Source: I Love My Dog


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