Edwin, the young man who begged for help for his 90 rescued dogs died

It’s impossible for our hearts not to break in half when the few people who are dedicated to such noble causes, such as giving home to the most rejected street dogs, leave this world unjustly.

Edwin Ramirez Neyra or “Edwin Saving Huellas” asked his 90 dogs for help before he died.

It was on April 21 when, in an absolutely thrilling video, which was later excluded, this young Peruvian committed to his “puppy children” and in a very fragile state of health, went to the nets as a last desperate request for help.

This great defender of animals took care of puppies of all kinds, ages and conditions.

And his only mission in life was to provide love, protection, and nourishment to these socially forgotten creatures. And for years they had to live with the indifference of many.

Edwin gave himself with soul, heart, and life to his “My Pataza” hostel, but was rejected by many, including his own family.

“It’s very difficult to have to feed them and I can no longer give them the necessary food for economic reasons. Now, if you can support me to continue and so that these puppies can eat,” Edwin said in the video.

“I can’t anymore. Food ends. I would like to ask for your support in adopting them. I’m a bit delicate in health, I can’t handle everything,” he added.

The response of the networks of the time was favourable, but unfortunately insufficient.

And last week, on the hostel page, a close friend confirmed the painful news of his departure, shaking so many hearts that he touched his story. In addition, he asked family members to claim his body. A fact that demonstrates the state of loneliness and sadness in which this hero left.

The signs of pain and condolences in the nets were immediate.

“Take care of your furry heaven, forever Edwin“, “Fly high Edwin, you won’t suffer anymore and thank you for everything you’ve done for your four-legged babies” were some of the comments.

“The news of a person who dedicated his life to street animals, with more than 80 dogs and 40 kittens in his shelter, after so many fights to continue, confirm his departure, is sad and tragic. Rest in peace,” wrote Refugio Patitas del Sur in an emotional publication.

But apart from the sad departure of this good man, many remained concerned about the fate of their dogs.

Thus, the rescue teams of Asppa Peru, besides expressing their deep sorrow and eternal thanks to Edwin, asked for financial donations to feed the dogs at the shelter of Edwin, located in Puente Piedra.

“If anyone wants to help his legacy continue, there are over a hundred animals that will miss him. Please write to us in the inbox so that together we can collect donations and buy food – shelter so that we can send it to your hostel soon this weekend”, they wrote on Facebook.

People living in Lima can come to the shelter to leave their donations, or better yet, take a hairy boy home to fulfill Edwin’s last wish:

Edwin published one last video before he died, moving thousands of people:

Posted by Edwin Salvando Huellas on Wednesday, June 3, 2020

He reported that he suffered from anemia, that he was far underweight and weak, but that he had improved and his only concern was the fate of his 90 dogs.

“Tell them I’m still fine, alive, and fighting. This disease will not defeat me so easily,” he exclaimed.

In a June 8 post, Edwin wrote how desperate he felt: “God, I ask your last chance, please“.

It was the last thing known in the nets, until he finally left as a warrior, fighting in hospital, but with a soul broken by not knowing what would happen to his spoiled ones.

There are no words to say goodbye to a great soul like Edwin… Rest in peace!


One of the volunteers, Angela B., who cooperated directly with Edwin, in a publication revealed sad details of this young specimen’s past and how the shelter began.

She announced that Edwin’s last wish was for her to take over the shelter, so in the name of her immense love for animals, she decided to continue her legacy, but she needs a lot of help.

He detailed the ways in which they can contact her to receive the donations needed to continue feeding the cubs.

Fortunately, Edwin’s story touched so many hearts that dozens of great donations did not take long to arrive:

Share this news so that the whole world knows the profound mark left by this authentic defender of animals. And there are many who dare to donate and give their puppies a home for what they have suffered so much.

Source: Zoorprendente


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