Dying dog lying on the street was ignored as if it didn’t exist until a rescue group saved him

Seeing a defenseless animal suffering is something that stays forever in our brain. But when this dog was hit by a car, no one stopped to help him. How could passersby just go about their day like that?

Fortunately, a rescue group in Thailand got a call when someone finally gave a damn about the helpless dog and reached for it. The volunteers rushed to the scene.

While he was there, utterly helpless, his heart broke! He was in urgent need of medical attention, but no one worked for him. How can they be so cruel?!

The dog, besides being injured, was starving! So they fed him immediately. Even in pain, he ate anxiously. He couldn’t even sit but devoured the food. It makes you wonder how long it has been since he had something to eat.

Then they had to take him to the vet, but by catching him, they could risk hurting him even more. This is very important to understand. A spinal or neck injury needs to be treated properly, keeping the dog as still as possible.

After the dog was caught, they had to put him in the car. But once he saw the vehicle, he had horrible flashbacks. That’s what hit him! He cried and cried, but his rescuers knew they had no choice. They put him in and took him to the medical center.

Finally, with the vet, dog injuries were evaluated properly.

He had nerve damage that made his head shake, but the vet was confident it could heal. They also found that he was severely anemic and needed blood and iron transfusions. These transfusions would make him much stronger.

The dog everyone ignored was finally getting the attention it deserved and needed! The road to recovery was long, but he was in good hands and with people who would NEVER ignore him.

Watch the story in the video below:

Source: I Love My Dog


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