Dying dog is abandoned tied to a pole – people just kept walking by him

An evil person tied a seven-month-old puppy to a pole outside of a drugstore in Georgia and left him there to die.

He was in awful condition, so instead of stopping to help him, people just kept walking by him.

Finally, one person saw the sadness in his eyes and decided to stop and help him. They called animal control, who then took the puppy to Dekalb County Animal Services.

Whoever abandoned this sweet puppy had already neglected him long before that. He suffered from severe mange, which left him without most of his fur and crusty, painful skin.

In addition, he also had an eye infection and kennel cough, and his legs and feet were extremely swollen due to the skin infection.

But despite all that he had been through, he still had nothing but love for everyone he met.

They decided to name him ‘Dempsey’ contacted Friends to the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue for help.

Rescue volunteer Stacey Greenwald agreed to take Dempsey home, where she took care of him with medicated baths and antibiotics.

Greenwald quickly fell in love with Dempsey’s sweet disposition and began to see a big difference in him within three weeks.

Two months later, he looked like a brand new dog.

His scabby skin began to heal, and his beautiful shiny coat grew back in. As he healed on the outside, he also healed on the inside as well. He wore a smile from ear to ear and was just so happy to have this second chance at life.

From there, Dempsey went to live in a forever home and now lives with his parents Elliot and Brittni in Atlanta, Georgia, with his two rescued dog brothers.

Source: I Love My Dog


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