During a normal delivery day, driver saves stray dog on the road

When you work every day on the street, you can see everything. Positive situations and kind people often mix with so many other negative episodes that can make us speechless. As in the case of Jason Harcrow, California driver of the well-known UPS delivery company.

As he drove his vehicle during a normal delivery day, his attention was drawn to a scene that neither of us would like to see.

A car in front of him stopped, the driver opened the window and threw a puppy out, then left as if nothing had happened. Jason, in the right place at the right time, did not hesitate for a moment and rushed to the rescue of the poor animal, who otherwise would have risked being hit by other passing cars. The road, in fact, was very busy and its quick intervention was essential.

The man had courage: despite the dangerous situation, he managed to keep calm and managed to draw the light-haired dog to a safe place.

He picked him up and immediately went to the nearest police station and left the puppy in the custody of the agents, who now entrusted him with animal rescue services.

The speed with which Jason saved the puppy was crucial. Unfortunately, at that moment of agitation and concern for the dog’s life, he did not write down the license plate from which the dog was thrown, but if he had not intervened immediately, the dog would have faced many dangers.

Fortunately for the puppy, there were no consequences: after being trusted under Stanislaus County animal shelter, he is in a good mood and will likely be handed over to adoption to a family that can take care of him as he deserves.

News of Jason’s gesture spread immediately, both in his company environment and on the web. For this reason, there was no shortage of people who praised this brave and kind-hearted man. The hope is that while there are so many men in the world who sadly decide to hurt helpless creatures, there is always someone like this driver ready to return their happiness, protection, and affection.

Source: Olha Que VĂ­deo

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