Childhood friends die in the same day half a mile apart due to drugs

When an elderly person dies, the family is sad but comforted by the fact they lived a long life and saw their children and grandchildren grow up. However, when a young person dies, the pain is unbearable, especially when it’s for a reason that could have been avoided. The parents of Dusting Manning and Joseph Abraham were shattered when they learned that the boys had died from drugs.

The two young men had several things in common. In addition to being childhood friends, they played in the same team and lived in the same area. They also died the same day, and for the same reason…

Best friends die in the same day

Dustin Manning, 19, died May 26, 2017 in Lawrenceville, Atlanta. At 6:09 a.m., his parents called the paramedics because he was unconscious… but it was too late. Dustin died after taking a toxic blend of heroin and fentanyl, a synthetic drug so strong that it can often be fatal. According to his father, Greg Manning, the toxicology report was staggering: “The amount of fentanyl in his body was equivalent to three grains of salt, enough to kill an 180 pound young man.”

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“I told him I’d take him to work early, and I got there around 5:45 to wake him up. When I opened the door, he seemed to be tying his shoes, I quickly caught him and he was cold,” the father said about the terrible moment. Tragically, less than an hour later, the paramedics received a call from another unconscious teen. The most surprising? He lived half a mile from Dustin, and he was his best friend.

Parents, Dave and Kathi Abraham, met their 18-year-old son, Joseph, lying on the floor. He had no pulse. “As soon as I saw him, I knew. I ran and began to hold him, but I realized he was cold,” her mother said. “Dave was calling 911 and I said, ‘It’s too late. There’s nothing to do,'” she added.

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Drug involvement

According to CNN, the boys started to get interested in drugs when they were in high school. Joseph’s parents believe he used for the first time when he removed his wisdom teeth. But the mother thinks he began to use more often to deal with two tragedies that had occurred in his life. “He lost two of his big buddies in the eighth grade – one due to cancer and one due to drowning – he really did go through a lot.”

Dustin had been battling depression since he was 12 years old. It was not long before he started using drugs himself. According to Lisa, his mother, he used because it made him feel good. Both parents sought the necessary treatment for their children, but the boys still had a long way to go. Dustin and Joseph’s parents say their children hadn’t been in touch for years. It seems, however, that they may have bought the drug that killed them from the same dealer.

Watch a report on the boys below.

May the death of these young man not be in vain… It’s never too late to stop using! Share to raise awareness about drugs.

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