Driver saves kitten that was in the middle of the road

This driver can be proud of himself! Thank you so much, because his gesture saved the life of this innocent kitten who was in a very risky situation.

The driver and another driver saved the life of a kitten who was in the middle of a road near Mons on the border between France and Belgium.

Reazenn, a Belgian biker and Youtuber, filmed his trip with his professional camera. Suddenly we heard him say ‘Oh no’. He stops, a car behind him also stops. And there we see the kitten, in the middle of the road, terrified.

Reazenn walked calmly toward the animal and picked it up. The poor cat was visibly petrified.

Watch the video:
Motociclista salva gatinho no meio da estrada na França

Que tenso isso e teve mais gente que ajudou. Aqui parariam?

Posted by Canal do Gato on Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Together they were able to save the kitten. The animal was certainly abandoned near the area and the driver took it with him.

For Reazenn, there is only one moral to this story: we must stop the abandonment of animals. Here is his message:

“I may be moralizing, but I don’t care. It has been said several times, but obviously not enough because it continues. Stop giving up on your animals […].

Such a kitten, there is little chance of surviving in the middle of a road. If you don’t want it anymore, there are a lot of associations for that, but stop putting them on the roadside, there’s nothing crueler… ”

Congratulations and thanks to Reazenn and the driver. Share with your friends, this may inspire other drivers.

Source: Incroyable


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