Men drive upstream to save a dog stuck in the water

It’s painful to watch lost, abandoned or trapped animals in complicated situations… However, when there are good-hearted people around, it’s half way to a happy ending! It’s good to know that there are people who are always available to help those who need the most, especially in times of distress, and the clip we are going to watch today is a great example of that!

In the video below, a group of men came across a dog stuck in a stream of water. While some citizens decided to stay on the shores and film, others had a slightly different idea. Two men in an orange jeep decided to drive upstream and save the day.

You can see the poor dog completely wet, scared and shaking with cold. We don’t know how these men managed to get their car down there, but surely the dog was eternally grateful!

The men pulled the puppy and quickly carried him to a warm, safe place. Watch this exciting rescue in the video below:

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Source: Little Things


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