Donkey is rescued from floods and smiles as he is saved

A little donkey was rescued from a flood in Ireland and is recovering.

A woman shared a post on her Facebook page called Animal Heaven Animal Rescue (AHAR) asking for help.

The animal escaped from its stall in Killorglin, Co Kerry, after bad weather damaged the gate.

The donkey was found stranded and in need of help, surrounded by a deep flood after a nearby river overflowed its banks.

The man who rescued the animal is named Mike Fleming, he is part of the Killorglin rowing club. Together with a team of animal rescuers, he was able to put a rope and float around the donkey before pulling it to shore.

A person from Animal Heaven Animal Rescue commented that the little donkey was named Mike after his rescuer.

He is recuperating at the animal shelter while his stable is being repaired.

The shelter’s founder, Suzanne Gibbons, commented: “He’s dry now, eating a warm mashed potato, all cozy and warm. Our vet saw him and started him on antibiotics to prevent pneumonia”.

He has a small lung problem, but our vet says he will recover.

The foundation and its owner were grateful for the help received, the best of all was the photo, where you can see the little donkey giving a smile once in safety.

Little donkeys are adorable. He is really smiling because he knew he was saved. And his guardian was very grateful for the attitude of the people who spared no effort to be able to save him.

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Source: Portal Amigo Cão


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