Dogs rejected for their appearance are adopted and become great friends

Luma and Picasso are some special puppies facing their own difficulties. Although they come from a troubled past, both are fortunate enough to have a loving savior and an impressive willingness to move on.

Liesl Wilhardt is a very dedicated animal rescuer and founder of Luvable Dog Rescue in Oregon.

Picasso had a very special “smile” that not everyone could understand.

Liesl has always had a deep passion for helping animals and has opened her foundation in the hope of saving as many hairy lives as possible.

No wonder a loving person like her takes on the challenge of bringing puppies like Picasso and Luma home. In Picasso’s case, he was delivered with his brother to a shelter when his original master had trouble taking care of them.

Picasso’s friendly smile steals hearts

The two puppies were extremely close, but Picasso stood out from his brother. He was born with a facial deformity that led him to resemble a famous painting by the Spanish artist. His muzzle appears to be crooked, giving it a distinctive look that some people just don’t understand.

Soon after his arrival, Picasso and his brother found themselves on the shelter’s euthanasia list. As he was about to run out of time, Liesl came into their lives and changed these friends to his Luvable Dog Rescue.

Luma is a lovely dog that must face its bone deformities.

While he was received at his new home, Picasso’s brother had something painful and unexpected. The puppy died suddenly due to an aneurysm. With the sudden loss of his brother, Picasso had to trust his new foster mother.

Under his care, Picasso has become the most affectionate, sensitive, and adorable dog you can imagine.

Accept the differences and use them to help others! This puppy now serves as a therapy animal for disabled children, humans and other dogs.

That was how Luma came home one day. The cub had severe deformities on all four limbs, forcing him to move like a small sea turtle.

The original plan was to take the dog to the rescue with the hope of physiotherapy to help her walk.

Luma enjoys all the affection she receives, regardless of their differences.

After taking x-rays, they found that their deformities were much more serious than they thought. Radiographs showed that his shoulders, elbows and wrists were all deformed.

There was no physical therapy capable of making Luma walk. As serious as the serious diagnosis was, Liesl would not give up!

He turned to several wheelchairs in an effort to get Luma to move. After trying several times, they finally found that Luma was happier moving alone. She really likes to face down, and has no problem doing so!

Now Luma and Picasso are inseparable friends. These two puppies truly find joy in each other’s presence and in the arms of their incredible savior. Both amazing puppies are a testament to enjoying everything you have and living your life to the full, no matter what happens.

Liesl with his beloved couple of special dogs.

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