Woman takes care of German shepherd for months – the dog’s reaction when her owner appears is becoming viral

A dog, named Freya, stole the hearts of the Internet with her gripping reaction to reunite with her owner after a long separation. The video, loaded on the Internet, has achieved more than 347,000 views and almost 3,000 “likes”. In the clip we can see a lovely dog meeting her owner, and that moment will melt your heart!

The video starts when the owner arrives at the place where the dog was staying. A woman enters the house, saluting Freya, while her owner remains hidden.

Youtube – Rumble Viral

The camera operator calls the friendly little dog to catch her attention. When she leaves the house, she starts to bark, for what she believed to be, a stranger. Realizing that he is her beloved owner, the animal runs to him and begins to “scream” with such happiness and disbelief!

Freya is so excited to see her owner, who can barely contain herself… She squirms and thrilled with such joy!

Youtube – Rumble Viral

This meeting between Freya and his owner is one of the loveliest things you will see today. His excitement and happiness are evident in every swing of his tail and heels of his energetic body.

At one point, Freya even addressed the person filming the event directly, blinking a smile as if to say, “That’s right, this is my father!” While the owner watches her as a proud father.

Youtube – Rumble Viral

At one point, Freya even falls on the man, snuggling into his lap and giving him some loving kisses…

Youtube – Rumble Viral

Watch this exciting encounter in the video below:

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Source: Animal Channel


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