Dogs make a big mess and play dead to avoid blame

Some dogs are masters in getting out of trouble. Two Bulldogs, named Sophia and Oliver, proved that their criminal minds are two steps ahead of their humans, by the way they responded when questioned about the mess in the living room.

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The family entered the room and found a huge mess. However, when the interrogation began, the two dogs knew very well how to escape it.

As soon as the mother begins the interrogation, both dogs fall on their backs and pretend to be dead. No one is going to punish two “dead dogs,” right? However, the mother had another trick up her sleeve: the woman called the two dogs for a small snack!

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Since they didn’t want to miss the delicious snacks, the pups got back on their feet! But as soon as the mother asks about the mess again, they turn around, pretending to be dead again… A lovely scene you don’t want to miss!

Dogs make a big mess and play dead

Check out the funny moment in the video below:

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Source: I Love My Dog


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