Dogs destined to be sacrificed get a fresh start and meet their new families in “dark adoption”

A project led by the NGO TracysDogs team in partnership with a Texas public kennel has been stirring a lot with the excitement of animal lovers.

Unfortunately, due to lack of space or adequate structure, it is very common – and sad – that shelter animals are sacrificed. And that would be the fate of hundreds of puppies from the Texan shelter.

However, after all the work done by the NGO, a “dark adoption” campaign was created. Want to understand how this works? Hundreds of people, mobilized to learn that the animals would be killed, gathered to adopt them without even seeing them.

And so, in a row, one by one the dogs were distributed to their new owners. And most beautiful of all is people’s reaction to meeting your new pet.

TracysDogs’ work has already resulted in more than 3,000 dogs being adopted. And for many puppies whose end was near now, life has in store for them all the love, affection, and companionship they so deserve.

Source: Portal do Animal


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