Dogs are abandoned and tied with barbed wire to a shelter’s fence

For reasons unknown to us, there are people out there who find it ok to neglect, abuse and hurt dogs. A bad person has decided to tie two cubs on a fence outside a rescue center in Jackson, Mississippi, using barbed wire.

The puppies were petrified and screamed in pain as the wire cut deeply one of the puppy’s legs.

Thankfully, an employee at the Animal Rescue Fund, named Pippa Jackson, discovered the poor puppies the next morning and quickly snapped photos to document the abuse. She then freed them and posted the photos on Facebook to share her disgust.

Jackson and fellow rescue workers brought the dogs for emergency vet care at Northside Pet Clinic. Both are doing okay and are currently on antibiotics. Thankfully, the puppy with the deep leg wound is expected to heal okay and won’t need amputation.

Once their wounds have healed more, they will be placed with foster families before finding their forever homes.

This was a senseless act that could have been prevented. While leaving dogs on a rescue’s doorstep without notifying them isn’t suggested, it still would have been better than tying up these poor dogs.

Pippa Jackson claims that their surveillance cameras captured a police officer driving by while the person tied the dogs to the fence, but there is currently no suspect in custody.

Source: I Love My Dog


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