Dog wounded for being forced to fight is rescued and receives his first warm bath

Casey Lawrence, an estate agent, took a wrong turn on her way to show a property, but fate led her to exactly where she was meant to be.

When she looked up, she noticed a place that was a dumping ground for dogs who were used for dog-fighting, and she was absolutely appalled at what she saw there – the dead bodies of poor dogs who were forced to fight.

But amongst the dead bodies was a dog who still had some fight left in him.
Fortunately, Lawrence just happened to be there at the right time and noticed him lying there.

She immediately put it in her car and ran to Baxter Veterinary Clinic. They decided to name him Rambo.

Vets examined Rambo and could tell he led a hard life just by looking at all of the wounds and bite marks all over his body. His back leg was extremely infected and wound up having to be amputated. They believe his hind legs were injured due to having ties around his ankles.

Despite everything he had been through, Rambo still wagged his tail. He showed the vets and rescuers daily that he had a strong will to live.

After amputation surgery, he went to Charlotte Animal Referral & Emergency (CARE) for additional treatment.

As the days passed, Rambo continued to grow stronger.

He got his first warm bath and even got toys that he loved playing with. He went to live with a foster while he continued to heal and eventually he found a forever home!

In his new home, not only does he have new loving parents, but he also has a new doggy brother named Dallas whom he absolutely loves.

The two quickly became best friends, and Rambo is loving every second of her new life!

If Casey didn’t make a wrong turn that day, Rambo most likely wouldn’t be alive. Thankfully, fate led her to him and he was blessed with a second chance.

Below is a video of Rambo playing with his brother Dallas:

Source: I Love My Dog


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