Dog with tumor was found abandoned – he was lying in agony, waiting for help

Animals, especially those that are domesticated, have no choice but to depend on humans for medical care. They cannot help themselves. So when an animal like this story gets sick, it is the owner’s responsibility to get the care it needs. Unfortunately, however, some people are truly insensitive and prefer to throw the sick dog out on the street rather than get the proper help they need. Most of the time, when a sick animal is abandoned, his medical problems are advanced.

A rescue group got a call about a homeless dog with a huge tumor. He was lying in agony, waiting for someone with a kind heart to stop and help him. We can’t even imagine how long he was waiting in that place while others just passed by and did absolutely nothing!

The tumor was so large that it caused progressive swelling and infection. He could not see from one eye. The rescue team was prepared. They brought sedatives and painkillers so they could take the dog and help him without further damage.

The poor dog was now in good hands, but he didn’t understand that. He was visibly scared.

The dog underwent urgent surgery the next day. They could not wait for the infection to progress.

After much healing and being medically released, he was able to go under animals. For the first time in a long time, he had a roof over his head and daily meals.

Fortunately, many families have already shown interest in the sweet boy. We wish him a speedy recovery. Thanks to the rescuers for saving this dog while so many people just passed by.

Source: I Love My Dog


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