Dog with disfigured jaw has a new chance to be happy after being abandoned in shelter

Happy ending. I think that’s what we all want, right? The animals too, believe me. Fortunately, little dog Picasso was not left behind.

His story begins sad because the human who raised him couldn’t sell him because of his appearance and that of his brother, Pablo, too. At one point they even decided that it was best that he be sacrificed. They just didn’t expect the Luvable Dog Rescue refuge in Oregon, the United States to be willing to change that.

Now Picasso has begun several tests for veterinarians to know if surgery on his jaw can be performed. The purpose is to remove some of your lower teeth.

Most important of all, there is now a future for both of them, especially for Picasso who, because of his appearance, seemed like he would never be happy.

It was thanks to the help of the refuge and Instagram accounts that his case began to be seen differently with various people promoting his good. Amazing, no?! All he expects now is a family that can love him as much as he deserves.

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Source: Portal do Animal


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