Dog with advanced scabies is found lying and abandoned in a pile of trash with ants on his skin

When we think of our dogs, we think of all the love we gladly give to them. Every meal, every pat on the head, every moment we play with them is another chance to rejoice in that love. It’s a beautiful reciprocity – because, as we know, they happily give us all this love back (and a little more).

For the dog in this story, he has never had a chance to feel loved. But all that was about to change.

His full story is unknown. What rescuers from the Philippine animal rescue team believe, since he understood some commands, is that he once belonged to someone. What happened after that is a mystery. He was found among a pile of trash with ants crawling on his skin. He smelled like he was rotting from the inside out.

The poor dog suffered from advanced scabies. He lost most of his hair and, as his skin was exposed, it hurt to go in the sunlight. The poor dog was all bone too, so event lying on the floor the poor thing was in pain. He found a spot in the shade on top of a rolled up trash heap and waited for his time to come.

His rescuers refused to let him go. He was taken to the vet and treated for distemper and scabies. Their malnutrition was also addressed. He received intravenous fluids and a high calorie diet.

The Philippine animal rescue team will do everything possible to keep the dog comfortable as he begins to heal.

Every day that he makes progress is a victory.

Nothing is certain for this dog, now called Boss. We cannot guarantee that he will survive, but if not, we can say that he lived his life FULL of LOVE in the end. He is worth every effort they are making to give him a real chance to fight.

We are so thrilled that the Philippine animal rescue team has found this precious dog and is working tirelessly to give it a real chance of life.

Source: I Love My Dog


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