Dog with a 20 pounds tumor is abandoned

When a dog owner knows that he is suffering from a delicate disease but does nothing to help him, it is a terrible case of neglect. There are even cases of people who prefer to leave them on the streets to avoid having to face the cost of medical treatment.

Veterinarians estimate that this dog is between 6 and 7 years of age.

This was the case of a golden retriever dog named Henry, who the police found with a tumor weighing no less than 20 pounds. They found him wandering on a beach, trying to find food; and when they approached him and saw the severity of his tumor, they decided to do everything they could to help him.

“He had so much life and love to give that we wanted to give him a second chance.”

Valerie Schomburg, the animal control supervisor for the Newport Beach police, told how this case was incredible for her. Henry was the sweetest dog I’ve ever known, but you could see that the huge tumor at his side was making his life so difficult.

The weight of the tumor was almost twice the weight of the animal.

His front paws made a huge effort to get hold of Henry and to be relieved. It was very difficult for him to find a suitable position that didn’t cause him great pain from the tumor.

According to veterinarians, the tumor posed an imminent risk to Henry’s life and promised to keep growing.

Valerie was not the only one who was shocked by the advanced state of Henry’s tumor, the doctors who attended him were brought to meet him:

“Most of the veterinarians who treated him had never seen such a large tumor before”.

Valerie shared the case of the fluffy Henry and, there were many anonymous donors who decided to do their part so they could perform the operation the fluffy golden needed.

Valerie was able to collect almost all of Henry’s medical expenses through donations.

The operation of such a large tumor didn’t promise to be simple. But luckily the doctors were able to remove it completely. After a few weeks, Henry was completely healthy and without any tumor. Now he looks like another dog and does not stop running and play to celebrate that they saved his life.

His legs and hips were slightly affected by the additional weight of the tumor, but Henry will not suffer serious consequences.

After extensive investigations, the police were able to find the owner of Henry, who at first lied and assured that the dog was not hers. Evidence indicates otherwise. And now the woman will have to face charges of animal neglect and obstruction of justice.

Sherri Haughton, the owner, must pay a fine of more than $ 7,000.

See the video below the whole story and how it is after the surgery:

It is a relief that the cute Henry is free of this terrible tumor. And that the person responsible for this negligence has been found.

We invite you to share the stunning story of this beautiful dog to celebrate his new life.

Source: Zoorprendente


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