Dog wins trust of abandoned cat and rescues to become part of her family

A dog wins the trust of an abandoned cat and takes a chance, and then her family adopts her.

This is a Bailey — a sweet-natured senior dog who knows that offering love to others comes as her own reward.

And this story shows that.

This is Bailey

Bailey was only a few years old when she was rescued in 2007 by her owners, Arthur and his family. Before that, she had been used as a breeding dog – probably giving birth to litter after litter of babies that she was forced to part with.

Recently, at 17, Bailey proved that she is still a mother at heart. And now her loyalty can shine through.

It all started a few months ago, after she and her family moved to a house in the country.

Bailey is 17-years-old

Shortly after moving in, Bailey’s family began to suspect that a feral cat was living in a ravine in the back of the house. They left food, but never saw anyone. Meanwhile, their dog was apparently also helping out.

“Bailey was frequenting the yard to see how she was doing,” Arthur said.

What Bailey was doing was not exactly clear. But then, one day, his family looked out the window and saw this:

Bailey cuddled up with her kitten

There, nestled on the balcony, was Bailey.

But she was not alone.

Resting against Bailey’s warm body was the feral kitten — safe in the company of her unlikely new friend.

“Bailey’s never befriended a feral animal before,” Arthur said. “It just goes to show how loving she is. She’s always been extremely sweet.”

Seeing that their dog had managed to earn the skittish kitten’s trust, Bailey’s family decided to follow her lead. They, too, welcomed the little cat into their hearts.

The family named her Kitten-Kitten.


“Kitten-Kitten is now living inside with everybody,” Arthur said. “She follows Bailey around almost like a puppy. Safe to say she’s a part of the family now!”

And for perhaps the first time in her life, Bailey was able to not only be a mom, but to stay a mom for good.

Bailey and Kitten-Kitten

“Kitten-Kitten is loving being inside and interacting with everyone, but especially Bailey,” Arthur said.

At 17 years old, Bailey was finally able to fulfill her calling as a mom. And, in the end, her love for the feral cat turned out to be a lifesaver.

With colder weather fast approaching, Kitten-Kitten’s new family believes that she would have struggled to survive much longer had Bailey not stepped in to save her. But in that gesture of kindness, they both got a second chance.

And both their hearts were healed.

“They couldn’t be more content,” Arthur said.

The dog wins the trust of the cat, and this beautiful friendship wins everyone’s heart.

Source: The Dodo