Dog wearing teeth braces became a sensation on the Internet

It’s not only humans who have to use orthodontic braces. Sometimes, it can also be applied in animals either.

Wesley, a 6-month-old Golden Retriever, found himself having the same dilemma of many young people. But not for aesthetic reasons. For even if he wasn’t in his plans to have a metallic smile, he had to put the device to correct his bite that prevented him from closing his mouth completly. It was damaging his health, especially his chewing.

“When his permanent teeth began to born, we realized that they were growing in the wrong direction and that he would be unable to close his mouth completely”.

He wasn’t playing with his toys and was losing a lot of weight. It was very worrying to me. We needed to do something so he could live a normal dog’s life”, said Molly Moore, the dog’s owner.

The “grandfather” of the animal, Jim Moore, Molly’s father, is a veterinarian in a clinic and proposed the unusual solution.

Wesley was anesthetized for the installation of the teeth braces and improvements have begun to appear. The puppy only needs to use the device for a few weeks and then he will come back to “smile”, playing and using his teeth perfectly aligned with all its natural cuteness.

Source: Portal do Animal


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