Dog watched over his kitten until they were rescued

Many people say that dogs and cats can’t be best friends, but Morticia and Gomez managed to convince everyone otherwise. Earlier this week, a good Samaritan spotted a small dog and a black kitten huddled between two portable toilets in Hampton, Virginia.

The passer-by decided to post about their whereabouts on the social network, Nextdoor. Then some animal lovers rushed to find the pair curled up in the grass.

However, rescuing the two friends was not an easy task. Gomez, a 2-year-old Chihuahua, insisted on protecting the little kitten at any cost.

The two were eventually taken to a local shelter and given time for their owner to show up. A photo was shared in the Facebook group Lost & Found Pets and made Turkan Ertugrul, director of the Saver of Souls Pet Rescue, stop everything she was doing.

“They looked so scared in the picture,” Ertugrul said. “We tend to favor the scared because they just don’t understand when you’re trying to help.”

Facebook – Saver of Souls Pet Rescue
“In most shelters, it is against the policy to put dogs and cats together, for safety. We knew they would be separated,” Ertugrul said. “Their situation was keeping us awake at night, worried about how they were separated from each other.”

Fortunately, after the necessary efforts were mustered, Gomez and Morticia were re-routed to an adoptive home.

Facebook – Saver of Souls Pet Rescue
The two are sweet and loving to people, but their personalities shine even more when they are together. “They are happier and more extroverted together than when they meet people individually,” said Ertugrul.

Facebook – Saver of Souls Pet Rescue
Once the two are ready, they will start the search for a home that will hold them together forever. Share this incredible story with your friends and family!

Source: The Dodo


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