Dog was taken, tied down and shot over 100 times, but a guardian angel showed up

It is painful to find out how many possible ways people have abused innocent animals.

How far they go to hurt a pet is truly shocking.

A dog in Morganton, NC,  experienced cruelty of the most acute nature at the hands of an unknown individual. He was tied down and shot at in the face and body – over 100 times.

Brownie, a small and usually happy dog, was shot at close range with a BB gun (pressure/pellet) almost a hundred times. And then he was left in a ditch to die only four hundred yards from his owner’s house.

Thankfully, his story does not end in that ditch.

A Good Samaritan by the name of Christie Fries found him completely incapacitated. She and her mother, Janet Lott, rushed him to the emergency animal clinic. Then, the two posted pictures of Brownie on Facebook so they could find his owner.

Fortunately, family members recognized the photos of Brownie and let their owner, Edith Pritchard, know what happened.

Horrified, Edith Pritchard immediately went to meet him. Brownie survived the surgery he needed to remove the BBs that were tossed into his eyes, face, and body.

Fortunately, the little dog is starting to heal. But the road to recovery will be long.

Although Brownie is standing, his mistress thinks he’s different. Jack Russell’s mix was born at Pritchard’s house seven years ago, so she knows his behavior very well.

“He was always a happy dog coming to meet me at the door,” Edith said via WBTV. When she used to call Brownie’s name, he would be so excited, his whole body would wiggle and wag. Now? He doesn’t even respond. Edith fears that Brownie is now both blind and deaf.

Unknown criminal

Brownie and his owner live in a united community. So when she goes out to do something, he is usually safe and runs back to the door.

But that night he never came back.

So now, the entire Morganton community is searching for the monster who abused the poor dog in such a way. It’s no wonder the town is outraged by the abuse Brownie suffered.

Unfortunately, the suspect who attacked the dog still remains at large. The Burke County Sheriff’s Office and Animal Control have been investigating the case, but no perpetrator has been found.

Brownie will slowly recover to full health while being cared for in her loving home, but hopefully, authorities will locate the individual responsible for this crime.

Source: I Love My Dog


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