Dog was taken away from her pups – their reunion left the world in tears

A Pit Bull mix named Noelle was taken to a shelter by someone who claimed to have found her on the streets. However, the volunteers suspected that he was the owner himself. Noelle’s mammary glands were full of milk, a sign that she had just given birth, but there were no signs of the litter.

Facebook – K9 Crusaders

The little dog was dirty and showing signs of abuse. She was also malnourished and anxious, probably because she suddenly lost her babies. The rescue group, K9 Crusaders withdrew Noelle from the shelter and worked hard to make this girl healthy.

Facebook – K9 Crusaders

The K9 Crusaders did some detective work, to try to reunite Noelle and her missing puppies. Fortunately, they found a clue: photos of the little dog in a car, with her head raised by a mysterious human. Could this be the person who delivered Noelle to the shelter?

Facebook – K9 Crusaders

The rescuers found a list of dogs in an Internet sales forum. The list included a photo of 8 cute Pit Bulls in a basket, and another photo of Noelle nursing them. The post claimed that the mother of the puppies died after giving birth. When the rescuers searched for the person who posted the ad, they found out it was the same man who left Noelle in the shelter.

K9 Crusaders released the following publication describing her efforts to retrieve Noelle’s dogs:

“Together, we worked through the night to save them all, by negotiating a mass purchase of the remaining 8 of her 9 puppies that had not yet sold. They were estimated to be barely 5-6 weeks old, far too young to be separated so suddenly from their mother. The owners of course, had no idea who we were, they just saw dollar signs and agreed to let us buy them up all at once with no questions asked.”

Facebook – K9 Crusaders

Fortunately, the K9 Crusaders reunited Noelle with her lost babies! “Following the advice of the authorities we successfully completed the purchase, and thanks to one very special volunteer, Noelle and her puppies were reunited only hours later. It was a moment NONE of us will forget.”


The reunion that left the world in tears


Check out the exciting reunion in the video below:

The puppies, Annabelle, Mia, Oliver, Leia, Jake, Caro, Joey and Holly got a forever home, just like Noelle! That’s good news… Share this incredible story with your friends and family!

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