Dog was rescued and cared for after a period of malnourishment

A man was at a gas station to refuel when he found a dog struggling to breath nearby. In the midst of this crowded, the dog was starved and ignored by many passersby. His name is Africa, and he was just skin and bone due to being starved for many days.

When the man came to the dog, he was shocked to see its situation. He so weak and sick that he couldn’t react to the man’s presence. Looking at Africa’s eyes, we could know that he had gone through a terrible time and fear.

With the help of some kind-hearted people, the man was able to take the poor dog to the vet to check for him. Africa couldn’t move, so they had to use a bag to carry him. Everyone and the vets will do everything they can to save Africa.

When Africa came to the vet, he had fallen into a deep coma. The vet immediately gave him an injection. After a while, Africa was able to regain consciousness. After being fed, he received intravenous insulin injections to stabilize health.

Due to his health problems, Africa needed to stay in the vet for a long periods. Thanks to the care and love of the vets and the man, he started to restore his health. He showed significant signs of recovery and he was able to eat by himself. Eventually, he made a miraculous recovery and forgot all painful memories in the past.

It breaks our hearts to think until you came along poor Africa was invisible to passers by. We are happy that Africa finally met good people who are willing to care, protect, and love him. Thank you for the love and protection you have now given.

Watch the full rescue here:

God bless the people who saved and helped this poor dog.

Source: Paws World


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