Dog was going be put down due to his disability until someone decided to take care of him

The relationship between man and dog is transcendental and goes back many millennia. That is why we become very sensitive when we see any kind of injustice against our little angels.

It is very difficult to see them suffer or otherwise deal with their deaths, who live considerably less than us. At times, the only way out that most people can see is a sacrifice. Sometimes they get sick and there is no way out. In others, they are born sick, and the appointment of professionals is to kill them. This is the story of our puppy today.


Nubby is a dog that was born without the legs of the front, being immediately rejected by the mother and unable to accompany the brothers. When taken to the vet, the advice was immediate: sacrifice. The most suitable for a pet like that was a sacrifice. The diagnosis was based on the fact that the puppy could not go very far in life.

Being aware that the dog would not live long, owners Lou Robinson and her husband Mark decided to stay with him until nature takes him naturally. Until the two owners began to take turns in Nubby’s breastfeeding. This led him to start growing and developing. A few days after that, Nubby finally opened his eyes and risked his first barks.

Esophageal atresia

After their initial development, they took Nubby back to the vet. The specialist diagnosed him with esophageal atresia, or esophageal anomaly, that took away the hunger and energy of the dog. To treat this problem, he had to undergo venous feeding and regain his energy.

Believe it or not, Nubby developed and became an adult puppy beyond beautiful. Her owner became the founder of a dog rescue group in Texas, USA, with the intention of teaching community members to take care of their puppies and children not to be bad with them.

Nubby: growth and family

Nubby is the perfect example that we should not give up on who we love and that the love of everything is capable of.

Watch a cute video of him and his owner and some photos of this family album.


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Source: Fatos Desconhecidos 


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