Dog was abandoned tied to a train track

In some circumstances, people may act in inhumane ways. This was the case of an innocent puppy that was purposely tied on a rail track begging for the mercy of his death. Jared Twedell was a witness to this cruel act.

Jared was on a normal day passing his car through a local recycling center when he saw a dog tied to the train track. At first, Jared thought it was a deer resting on the trees when he noticed some movements.

He thought it was a dangerous place for someone to be. Jared decided to scare away the animal.

As he lifted his head, Jared realized that he was indeed a dog, not a deer, as he had thought before. Besides, the dog was tied to the rails and could not get away. Jared was shocked and quickly decided to help the poor guy. He noticed that the dog was trying to get close to him, but he could not because of the rope, which held him.

Jared, a local resident, knew that the train passed that route at least three times a day. However, he did not know when the train would pass or how long he had to release the dog. But one thing was certain: he needed to try to release the animal.

The dog’s hero quickly came into action. He got out of his car and ran toward the dog to assess the situation and decide how he could help. Jared did not know very well how to approach the dog since he did not know how he would react.

However, he ventured, was friendly and called the “friend” pet. The dog was docile and responded by wagging its tail, signaling that everything was fine.

Everything worked out

Understanding the dog’s body language, Jared realized he was exhausted from staying so long in the sun. The dog had been tied up like a boat on the deck. It had been done on purpose, cruelly. Jared was sad about it, and just thinking, he felt sick.

At the same time, Jared began to release the dog. He also decided to take him home. The dog was named Samson, was taken to the car and then to the house of Jared.

When he arrived home, Samson joined the animal family with two other rescued dogs, a giant rabbit from Flanders, and a few cats.

Source: APost


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