Dog walks five miles to say goodbye to his owner who didn’t resist cancer

A dog’s faithfulness and love are unconditional, but this can only be known to those who have had the opportunity to open their hearts to one of these noble creatures. If you doubt them, wait to meet Bayron Max, a dog who walked five miles to say goodbye to his late owner.

Bayron’s mother was Rosalba Quiros, who had a happy and peaceful life on her farm in Montemorelos, Mexico, but news of a cancer touched her life.

Rosalba became seriously ill, and although for a time she refused to leave home, the woman was forced to move into the home of a relative who had attended her during her last months.

Rosalba could not resist the idea that Bayron was left at home, so she visited him daily to see that his friend was fine.

The whole family knew how important furry was to Rosalba, so they promised to take care of it if she couldn’t anymore. However, one day the little animal decided to flee the ranch on its own. No matter how much they sought him out from the neighbors, no one knew how to give information about the little creature.

Apparently they wouldn’t see him again.

These were difficult days for Rosalba, not only because of her terrible illness, but because of her friend’s absence. Two weeks after learning nothing about Bayron, the woman lost the battle with cancer.

Her family was remarkably distressed, and in the midst of the pain they took a surprise that touched them and shook their hearts: In the midst of Rosalba’s funeral events, her beloved dog Bayron appeared, who everyone thought was lost.

No one could explain how the dog could have walked almost five miles from the ranch to the chapel, but it seems that Bayron finally found what he was looking for: his beloved owner.

Tragically, the animal cannot say goodbye to her in life, but as if he could understand what was happening, this little friend lay down near the coffin and nodded respectfully as he recovered his strength after a journey.

Bayron does not leave for a moment.

Apparently Bayron approached the coffin several times, he seemed to understand that this would be the last time he would see his owner, and although the funeral home owners tried to remove it several times, they failed.

“Normally, we didn’t let animals in, but as the dog howled and with its legs tearing open the door, we let him in. We have never seen such a case, we were all surprised to see how the animal said goodbye to its owner, ”said the head of the municipal funeral home.

Rosalba’s relatives pledged to fulfill the woman’s last wish to save and protect her beloved Bayron. But after such a show of love, we are sure they could not refuse. This little friend is just another example of such loyalty that these creatures feel for their owners.

Please fill our pets with love. May we not spend time without being able to embrace them.

Source: Zoorprendente


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