Dog walks 16 miles to find the family that helped him on the streets

There are surprising stories that make us think: how it is possible that dogs come home, even if they are lost or left to their own devices? Is it something innate or do they learn with time?

This is an innate ability that these animals possess. No matter how long it takes, they always find their way back to the place where they once received love. That is why it is so important to contribute to give them a chance to live better by adopting them.

After a life of humiliation and humiliation on the streets of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Buyung just wanted to find a home. And it was his own instinct that finally led him to follow the trail of a family. This family had helped him several times on the street and he was immediately adopted.

A pinch of affection shown to one of these noble beings is enough to give us back a lifetime full of love and gratitude.

In the beginning, Buyung walked through the grounds of Changkat Desa , accompanied by other canine companions in the same situation. Until he found a security guard who worked in the area and from that day decided to follow him to make his rounds every night.

Meanwhile, that family decided to visit him every day to bring food.

However, this did not leave him immune to the unfair treatment of other humans. Since he suffered serious injuries with the impact of a wooden block on his right leg .

In addition, the pup had a large hematoma on his back as a result of a blow with a blunt object that left a deep cut, probably a machete. Fortunately, this family assumed the medical and veterinary expenses on both occasions.

“They don’t depend on anyone but us to survive, but given the high rates of animal abuse we see around the world, it’s hard not to be disappointed”, said Buyung’s new adoptive father.

However, when prospects seemed to begin to brighten for the dog, he and his companions were captured by Kuala Lumpur City Hall authorities for euthanasia.

But the family again managed to rescue him from that endless purgatory. And so that he wouldn’t take the same risk, the dog was sent to the house of a close friend.

The only detail is that this friend had three huge and very aggressive dogs, who didn’t seem to accept Buyung’s presence like that, and Buyung didn’t tolerate having to be chained to his hateful enemies intimidating him all day long.

And so, after another 15 days of torture, the dog managed to escape and began his 25-kilometer journey that he walked for a week, until one fine day he found the home of the only people who had taken care of him.

When the family’s daughter saw him in front of her door, she could barely recognize him: he was thin, hungry and couldn’t even bark. The girl brought him home and immediately filled him with affection.

Buyung is now happy with those who really love him.

“It was very difficult to see the state of sadness in which our little friend arrived. Fortunately, he is already strong, healthy and, above all, happy with us”, said the girl.

Hopefully, this is an example for more people to reach these defenseless animals: their satisfaction and well-being are worth all the effort we are able to make.

Source: Zoorprendente


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