Dog waits patiently to greet his favorite garbage truck driver every week

Jett has always had the talent to make friends wherever she goes. And her friendship with a rubbish truck driver named Curt Stickley is proof of that.
The two just seem to brighten each other’s day.

A year ago, Derek Molter, Jett’s dad, was working in the yard when the garbage truck stopped in front of the house.

“The driver got out and walked over to where Jett was laying and asked me if it was OK to give him a treat,” said Molter. “Of course, I said yes and the friendship was born.”

The two friends have made it part of their weekly routine to visit whenever Stickley drives by on his route. “Every week, if I happen to be home, I let Jett out and he runs and sits on the grass, patiently waiting for his friend Curt to stop and bring him a treat,” Molter said.

Molter was away on garbage day for two weeks in a row, meaning Jett couldn’t get outside to greet his friend.
It was clear that the pup missed Stickley, but Molter didn’t realize the feeling was mutual until he found a note in his mailbox.

The note instructed him to “Look Inside,” and there he found four dog treats — making up for the missed visits. Molter was so touched by the gesture that he posted photos of it on Facebook, where they went viral.

“I even went to the extent of calling the City of Kamloops solid waste department, and spoke to the driver’s supervisor to praise his above and beyond service,” Molter said.
Now, Molter always makes sure he’s home on garbage collection day, so Jett can spend some time with his friend.

Source: The Dodo


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