Dog waits patiently by the river for drowned owner

The relationship between men, women, and children with their pets has no limits. The bond between a human and his pet can be very similar or the same as that of a mother or father with their child. Feeding, playing, spending a lot of time together and even sleeping with them makes a life together almost identical. Pets now give their owners true love and vice versa.

Many dogs, when separated from their owners, show signs of distress and anxiety, respond by acting hyperactively and vocalize almost permanently through howling or barking. But what happens when we cease to exist in the world and our pet?

Mhee, a dog who accompanied his human, Somprasong Srithongkhum, during a walk on the lake on a relaxed afternoon, began to cry when he realized that his partner was taking longer than usual to get out of the water. And as the young man was climbing a cliff, he slipped and ran for the lake.

True to his owner, the puppy waited for Somprasong to float, unknowing that the man had already died underwater. A touching and sad story.

Mhee waiting for his owner to get out of the water.

The dog never imagined that his beloved human was in danger and thought he had jumped on his own, but the truth is that after a while without a sign of the man, the animal began to panic. Something very bad must be happening.

The victim’s cousin went to the scene to find them and found the puppy howling on the surface and, next to the small animal, the unfortunate walker’s sandals. He understood that he had drowned and asked authorities and relatives to help him rescue the body of Srithongkhum, 56.

“We found the body and Mhee saw how they still pulled their dear human. He couldn’t believe it. I was devastated.” Said Somprasong’s cousin after finding the scene.

The accident was a tragedy that the little animal will surely remember forever. At no time did the man try against himself. However, the victim’s cousin confessed that he had told him he was not feeling well the night before.

That night he went to see him, to offer her medicine but, didn’t find him at home. It was then, moments after walking in search of him, he encountered the unfortunate incident.

The bond generated between an animal and his owner is unbreakable.

Certainly, the cousin and the dog will miss him, but the man will continue to take care of his puppy from heaven and be the dog guardian angel for life.

There is a lot of human being in the animal and everything about the animal in the human being. This is a two-way round trip effective relationship.

Share this sensitive story of love and goodbye with your loved ones and close friends, and remember that the bond between a person and their pet may be the same as a mother’s bond with her child and vice versa.

Source: Zoorprendente


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