Dog waits every day to play with the garbage man

Shelby, a Golden Retriever, was rescued by Joshua Byrne from a kill shelter in the Carolinas.

Joshua considers the dog a blessing in his life. Shelby not only unconditionally loves her family, but also generously loves all other human beings who are kind to her!

In this video, Joshua recorded Shelby’s special love for the neighborhood trash collection man.

The garbage man is a great animal lover, and he ritually stops with a treat every day to spend a good 2 minutes with Shelby.

Shelby waits patiently all day for the garbage man to appear, so she can hug and play with him.

What’s fun is that later in this video, we see Shelby bringing her bone to the trashcan with the intention of sharing it with him. It warms our hearts when we see her lovingly poking the garbage man for the bone. What a disinterested love!

For the garbage man too, his daily encounter with Shelby is the highlight of the day! We are in love with your unique connection. The happy vibes of this video will surely put a smile on your face!

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